The focus of the Nimbus project is to devise and create a specification for a protocol that enables the kind of wireless device discovery outlined on the homepage. Although we will create some test programs to demonstrate Nimbus we are not aiming to create fully featured Nimbus client software. The role of this project is comparable to that of standards organisations like the World Wide Web Consortium, who define standards like HTML but generally do not create software that employs those standards. Indeed, once the Nimbus specification is complete we may consider submitting it to an appropriate standards body.

Currently Nimbus is being developed by 4 Computer Science students as a 4th year university project. Since this is assessed work that counts towards our degrees we must limit the team to ourselves for the time being (but please don't hesitate to share any ideas or comments you may have with us). By the time our work is assessed (summer 2005) we aim to have a complete specification for the Nimbus protocol, however this will by no means be the end of the Nimbus project. At that point we will be more than happy for new developers to come and join us to shape its further development!


Want to implement Nimbus?

Nimbus is currently in the early stages of planning so we would not recommend anyone to begin implementing the Nimbus protocol at this point. Please check this page again in a few months' time when the spec should be ready.