Buying and selling

Nimbus allows you to offer and/or search for anything. If you have something you want to sell simply add it to your offers in your Nimbus client and any other Nimbus user who happens to be searching for what you are selling will find you! You could be sitting in a café and open your laptop only to discover that the person sitting at the far table happens to be searching for an item you are offering - Nimbus will put you in touch directly so you can sell your goods and cut out the middle-man!

Likewise, if your having trouble getting hold of something just request it in your Nimbus client - you never know what you might find. You could walk past someone in the street who happens to be offering that very item. Nimbus could alert you both there and then and let you get in touch!


Companies can use Nimbus to advertise their products and services. Shops or exhibition stalls can use Nimbus to offer their entire catalogue. A passing shopper may be unaware that your business is offering the exact service they're after - but if their Nimbus clients picks up your offer and alerts them they will find you!

Finding people

Nimbus also lets you express your interests and locate others that share them. Imagine attending a conference and automatically finding people who are working on or researching the same things as yourself! Or perhaps you're just new in town and want to find someone to talk to - Nimbus will save you time and effort!


Interested? Want to experience Nimbus first-hand? You can download Nimbus‑J, our reference implementation and try it for yourself!