[ Picture of a mobile phone ]Nimbus is a system for networked devices that allows users to specify things they are offering and/or seeking. If 2 Nimbus devices discover each other and find a match (e.g.: one has something that the other wants) then the users are alerted so that they can get in touch. Nimbus currently works over TCP/IP networks (such as Ethernet, WiFi etc.) and Bluetooth®.

The underlying system that Nimbus uses to discover compatible devices on a network is the “Nimbus Abstraction Framework” (NAF). NAF has been designed to be general purpose, so that other applications besides Nimbus can use it. To learn more about NAF and how to develop applications for it please visit the NAF website.

Nimbus and NAF are still in the early stages of development so we would welcome any suggestions and feedback you may have. Thank you!

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